Red Bud Ranch

All Natural Grass Fed Beef



Red Bud Ranch,

Is owned and operated by Gary and Kathy Waymire. Located  in Wise County, TX. 

We raise Black Angus Lowline cattle, and sell our beef direct to consumer by the pound or by the quarter or side.

The  Ranch was purchased from a family member and so the ranch as well as the cattle have a heritage or history here.  The ranch  was named after a small community  that was established in the 1800's.  The school for the community is still on the place and we hope to designate it as a historical site one day. 

Red Bud Ranch  believes  in doing things naturally, without chemicals.  We work with the soil first to make sure  we have good grasses for our cattle.

A small  Ag Business that promotes  and sells natural products to other local farmers and ranchers, is also run by Kathy and Gary.  We call it Red Bud Ag.

Both of us love sharing information about the Natural way of doing things; Kathy,  writes an article in the "Living Natural First Magazine" Preserving the Harvest which discusses canning, dehydration and other ways to store foods grown and raised.  

It is out goal  to  promote education in the natural way of doing things, and provided local grass fed beef without the use of chemicals.  

We are members of the American Grass Fed Organization, TOFGA, Denton Organic Club, and Lowline Angus Association.  



 Red Bud Ranch

All Natural Grass Fed Beef